January 7, 2015.

www.aworkenvironmentdesign.com is owned, operated, and maintained by : a Work Environment design . . .

We encourage any concerns about our privacy policy , to be brought to our attention immediately.

Please email us at : privacypolicy@aworkenvironmentdesign.com


a Work Environment design . . . is dedicated to keeping your personal information confidential.

To achieve this, any visitor to www.aworkenvironmentdesign.com will fall into a classification of either Tier 1 or Tier 2.


Tier 1 : Tier 1 is encapsulated by any visitor who wishes to only visit www.aworkenvironmentdesign.com but does not wish to complete a purchasing transaction.

a. Your personal information will not be collected in any way, shape, or form.


Tier 2 : Tier 2 is encapsulated by any visitor who upon visiting www.aworkenvironmentdesign.com, proceeds to complete a purchasing transaction.

a. Your personal information will be collected, only to the degree that is nessecesary to complete the processing, payment, and shipping of that specific purchasing transaction.

b. Your personal information will be kept on file for the duration of "30" addtional days, starting from the date of confirmed UPS tracking delivery, in accordance with our Refund & Return policy.

c. On file personal information can not be used to make additional purchases on www.aworkenvironmentdesign.com

d. On file personal information is only kept for purposes of Return or Exchange of specific purchasing transactions.

e. Visitor's reserve the right to waive their 30 day return window and ability to return or exchange merchandice, to have their personal information expunged from a Work Environment design's records at a Work Environment design's first possible convience.

e-2. To do so : After confirmed UPS tracking delivery, please check merchandice to confirm satisfaction, then send an email to : privacypolicy@aworkenvironmentdesign.com

In the subject line write : Waive 30 days.

In the body, write your full name, address, phone number, email address, and order number.

Privacypolicy@aworkenvironmentdesign.com will email you confirmation at completion of expungement.

f. All sales will be considered final after "30" days from the date of confirmed UPS delivery in accodance with our Refund & Return policy, and all personal information will be expunged regaurdless of visitor's advance notice and without notification or confirmation from privacypolicy@aworkenvironmentdesign.com


Cookies : www.aworkenvironmentdesign.com use of cookies is related only to web traffic and server communications.


E-mails : a Work Environment design . . . does not engage in any type of email marketing or email advertising.

a. E-mail communications will only arrive in response from contact You intiated, or during the time frame of a purchaseing transaction that You intiated.

b. E-mail contact will only arrive directly from : privacypolicy@aworkenvironmentdesign.com or customerservice@aworkenvironmentdesign.com



a Work Environment design . . . recognizes that the Privacy Policy is a continual work in progress.

We encourge you to stay in contact with us, so that we can cut and paste together , the perfect work environment design.