February 4 , 2015.


Domestic Shipping :





International Shipping :

At this particular moment in time , a Work Environment design . . . does not have the neccesary infrastructure that is required to ship or deliver our products outside of the United States. We are continuing to explore our options and educate ourselves on the established processes and jurisdictional steps needed to ensure that when the time for expansion does arrive , We will be able to deliver our products to you, as if you were our next door neighbor.

We are optomistically looking forward to the future and in turn , getting to know everyone.

With all that being said, We would deffinitly love to hear from anyone outside of the United States who would like for their city or country to be a part of our ongoing expansion conversation.

Send us an email at : customerservice@aworkenvironmentdesign.com

We will then add your city or country to the space below as : a Work Environment design . . . future international shipping destinations.